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SafeCase GRIP MagSafe Compatible for iPhone 13 Series

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Device: iPhone 13
Color: Royal Black

Welcome to the next level of protection

Drop tested

SafeCase GRIPis the best heavy duty case for your iPhone. With our GRIP design your iPhone will be safer than ever in your hand. And if you drop it? We've got you.

Long-lasting protection

Resistance and design

The best protection for your iPhone with an incredible design.

3 Meter / 10 ft drop tested.

Complete protection

Our bumper protection can resist up to 3 meter (10ft) falls while protecting your iPhone.

Hold your iPhone with confidence

GRIP design saves the day!

Non-slip texture makes everything easier.

Fast and stable charging

Meet our SafeCase Grip x MagSafe

Uninterrupted and fast charging. Charge your iPhone wherever you are!

Compare our cases for iPhone

SafeCase Force

  • Resists drops up to 4 meters (13ft).
  • GRIP texture for maximum grip.
  • ION Shock technology.
  • MagSafe compatible.
  • Colors: 2

SafeCase Grip

  • Resists drops up to 3 meters (10ft).
  • GRIP bumper design.
  • Antimicrobial protection.
  • MagSafe compatible.
  • Colors: 3
SafeCase Lite Compatible MagSafe for iPhone 14 - NCO World

SafeCase Lite

  • Resists drops up to 2 meters (6.5ft).
  • Retains its original color.
  • 360 protection.
  • MagSafe compatible.
  • Colors: 3

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