About US

How did we start?

NCO started in 2012 in Panama. It started as a college project which was focused on creating accesorios of premium quality to protect what accompanies us every day.

what makes us diferent?

We investigate the needs of our customers and develop products according to the needs of the final user.

We always consider the importance of maintaining the identity of what we are protecting by maintaining the quality of our protection standards.

Mission and vision

Mission: Create the protection you need for the technological items that accompany you every day.

Vision: Promote the extension of the useful life of the items that accompany us every day and at the same time improve their coexistence and support.

Corporate values

We believe in responsible and sustainable growth. We work to the full potential of our team and users. We want to be the right decision in terms of features and benefits.

International presence

We are leaders in Latin America in the premium category with presence throughout the continent.

Where to find us
NCO always looking for the next level of protection.

Nicolás Bernal, CEO & Founder

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