SafeCase Force MagSafe + GlassGuard for iPhone 15 Series

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SafeCase Force MagSafe Compatible for iPhone 15 Series (Device): iPhone 15
SafeCase Force MagSafe Compatible for iPhone 15 Series (Color): Crystal
GlassGuard ION+ for iPhone 15 Series (Device): iPhone 15

Get comfy with its design

Drop tested

Doesn't matter if you drop it. There are no consequences with SafeCase Force.

Live carefree! We've you covered

Our SafeCase Force is here

Fast and stable charging

Meet our SafeCase Force x MagSafe

Uninterrupted and fast charging. Charge your iPhone wherever you are!

Hold your iPhone with confidence

GRIP design saves the day!

Non-slip texture makes everything easier.

Discover our IONshock technology

An iPhone case that actually works

Stop worrying about your screen. Discover SafeCase Force.

Keep your iPhone...

always new.


Don't leave things to luck

Limitless protection

Leaves friction scratches behind. SafeCase Force has an additional volume barrier on the edges of the screen and camera.

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SafeCase Force

  • Resists drops up to 4 meters (13ft).
  • GRIP texture for maximum grip.
  • ION Shock technology.
  • MagSafe compatible.
  • Colors: 2

SafeCase Grip

  • Resiste caídas hasta 3 metros (10ft).
  • Diseño de parachoques GRIP.
  • Protección antimicrobiana.
  • Compatible con MagSafe.
  • Colores: 3
SafeCase Lite Compatible MagSafe for iPhone 14 - NCO World

SafeCase Lite

  • Resiste caídas hasta 2 metros (6.5ft).
  • Conserva su color original.
  • Protección 360.
  • Compatible con MagSafe.
  • Colores: 3

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